Welcome to Bixby Barber Co. a traditional barbershop in the heart of downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea. We specialize in classic men’s haircuts, hand whipped shaving lather, straight razor shaves, and quality grooming products. We pride ourselves in superior customer service, community involvement and becoming a staple in the neighborhood we serve. We may not be the newest, hippest or most modern but that’s not our style. This shop has rich history, tradition and character. It took years to accumulate our chairs and stations. Each with a very special and unique story of how we came across them. Acquiring them from oldschool barbers that have since retired to finishing the restoration of others that passed to finding them tucked away in corners of old barns long forgotten, even from building friendships across the country in efforts of continuing their careers in a barbershop! Fortunately, I was able to finally bring them together here at the Bixby Barber Co. 

Walk-Ins Welcomed 


Appointments Available 

Cash Preferred 


10 am-6 pm



10 am-3 pm




Court of the Fountains

Mission St & 7th Ave 

Carmel-by-the-Sea, Ca 93921


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